Text Box: “Not Just A Hazardous Waste Management Company”

Rosemet is a proud Member of

California Waste Association

Industrial Environmental Coalition of Orange County

“Founded to help new and existing customers improve their environmental compliance and reduce their hazardous waste cost”

Rosemet is a full service waste management company. We specialize in cost reduction methods of waste segregation to lower your disposal costs. Ultimately, customers benefit by:

· Reducing waste streams

· Improved housekeeping.

· Excellent customer service

· Employee safety.

· Easy compliance management

· Environmental Training

· Reducing cost.

· Avoid unnecessary fees and fines



Rosemet Environmental Services

717 S. State College Blvd

Unit G

Fullerton, CA  92831


To contact us:

Office Information:

Phone: 714-447-9905

Fax: 714-447-9914

Sales Contact: Judith Rose

Cell: 714-658-7374

E-mail: jrosehazmat@earthlink.net